Established to be a resource to the residents and the rest of the police department, the Community Services Bureau is just that. The goal of this section of the police department is to offer programs and services of interests to the community, provide administrative support to the police department and conduct traffic enforcement.  This bureau also handles the planning, implementation and traffic coordination of the various special events that take place in the Township each year.

Traffic Bureau:    

Officers assigned to this unit have received extensive training in selective enforcement, N.J. Motor Vehicle Law, and advanced accident investigation.  They are trained and fully qualified by the Institute of Police Technology & Management and Northwestern University as Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and are responsible for the investigation of serious and fatal accidents involving motor vehicles. 

The traffic officers spend a majority of their shift actively enforcing motor vehicle law.  A significant priority is placed on moving violations such as speeding and traffic signal violations. These are known to be the root cause of many very serious accidents.

Officers assigned to this bureau are:

Sgt. George Lane        (973) 835-1700 ext. 113

Michael Kimak           (973) 835-1700 ext. 156
    Traffic Officer

Ptl. Christopher Nelson (973) 835-1700 ext. 195
    Traffic Officer

Ptl. Kenneth Hunt     973-835-1700 ext. 165
Traffic Officer

    ***Click here to download an accident report.***

Junior Police Academy


Conducted once per year, based on demand, this popular program has become more and more successful each time!  It is setup to provide middle school aged boys and girls with a week long snapshot of what it is like to be a police officer.  Some of the highlights of this week long experience include:

Daily Physical Training 
- Inspection
- Attendance at a Municipal Court session
- Fingerprinting/Crime Scene presentation
- Ride - a - long with an on duty police officer
- Firearms demonstration
- K-9 presentation
- Special Response Team presentation
- First Aid and Fire Department presentations

All "recruits" are awarded certificates of completion at a graduation ceremony.  The next program has been scheduled for the week of July 15-19, 2019.  It will take place each day from 9 AM-3 PM.  

Download the Junior Police Academy Forms             

Feel free to contact the program's coodinator  by email  or phone at 973-835-1700.

Child Safety Seats:     

The Traffic Bureau currently has two officers certified as Child Safety Seat Technicians.  These officers have voluntarilly undertaken extensive training and maintain thier certification through constant continuing education.  In order to expedite our inspection or your childs' seat, we ask that you prepare ahead of your visit to us.  Inspections are conducted by appointment only.

1.)  Your seat should be new or purchased within the past 5 years.  Seats typically purchased at garage sales or handed down may have hidden defects.

Click here to see if your car seat has been recalled.

3.)  Residents are asked to have the car seat they would like to have checked, already installed in the vehicle according to the manufacturer's instructions.

4.)  Once this is done,
schedule an appointment online or contact the Traffic Bureau at (973) 835-1700  ext. 156 to make an appointment with one of the techs.  Your child should accompany you to this appointment to ensure proper fit. 

    Due to heavy demand, this service is available to Pequannock Township residents only.  Rescheduling may be necessary due to inclement weather.

Radar Trailer Program:

In response to the old saying, "There's never a cop around when you need one," our radar trailer is the next best thing! The Traffic Bureau places this attention getter on a different Township street each and every day (excluding the winter months).  The unit accurately measures and displays the speed of oncoming vehicles to remind motorists of the posted speed limit and to slow down.  Beware!!! ..... sometimes there is more than just the radar trailer on a particular street.  Officers frequently conduct selective LASER enforcement details on the same street and at the same time the radar trailer is operating.  Often, violators reside on the very street that the trailer is requested to be placed on!  
Click on the photo to submit a request for the trailer to be placed on YOUR street.

Please note, due to heavy demand, your request will be honored at the earliest possible occasion.

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