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January 21, 2020
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The Cit-e-Net online general-payments application provides the capability for the online submission and collection of payments (other than property/school/utility tax type payments), donations or pledges that your municipality, school or organization would collect. Clients can easily and quickly create different payment types to suit their individual needs.  

Agencies can collect online payments for items such as application or registration fees. 

Municipalities can collect online payments for items such as parking tickets, permits or registration fees. (Cit-e-Net also has online payment applications for municipalities that want to perform online collection for property/school taxes and utility payments.)   
Schools can collect online payments such as tuition, class trips, pre-paid cafeteria plans, AP tests or other transaction types for school activities or operations.  

Nonprofit organizations can collect payments online for donations to specific funds or to accept payment pledges and then make payments against those pledges.  

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