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Police Report Ordering  
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Please read the following before requesting or ordering documents from the Town Police Department.

Release of Information Policy:
In accordance with N.J.S.A 47:1A-2:
  • Investigatory reports are not public information. Incident verifications for insurance purposes will be issued.
  • Arrest information can be released under certain criteria.
  • Most accident reports are public information.
  • Defendants charged with a crime or offense may request Discovery through the Municipal Prosecutor under Court Rules.
  • Domestic Violence Reports & Information must be requested through the County Prosecutors Office
For further information concerning the release of information you may contact Sgt. Bob Smith at 555-6150.

At this time, the following reports and information can be requested online:
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Reports
  • Incident Verifications
Police Records Fees
Effective December 10, 2001 the following Police Records Fees have increased:

Accident Reports:
In person: $1.00 for the first through third page. $.50 for each page thereafter.
By Mail: $6.00 for the first through third page. $.50 for each page thereafter.
Fax or electronic: $5.00 for the first through third page. $.50 for each page thereafter.

Incident Verifications:
In person: $2.00 per page
By mail, fax or electronic: $5.00 per page

Please provide the following information:
First Name: (required)
Last Name: (required)
Street Address: (required)
City, State, Zip: (required)
Phone# (Day):
Fax#: (required if requesting fax delivery)
E-mail: (required)

Incident Report #: (If available)
Date of Incident:
Location of Incident:
Type of information requested:

Please provide any other information that may assist us in expediting your request.

I would like to receive the information via:

Note: All information sent via e-mail will be in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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