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Town of Dover
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Service Request Form

The Service Request Form provides on-line submission for services, problem notifications or OPRA requests directly to the Town.

The routing to the proper department is done automatically based on the type of request and a tracking number is automatically generated. 

Please be as specific as possible regarding your request for any item.

Directions for Submission:

  • You will be asked to complete 2 screens of information.  
  • The first screen outlines mandatory items for submission, however it is not transmitted with your request and remains confidential.
  • The second screen, based upon your request will require certain items to be completed as indicated in RED to submit.
  • For OPRA requests, after completing the first page, you will be directed to the second page where only an email address is required for OPRA requests. 
  • All other requests, please follow the prompts for submission.
  • Click SUMBIT, and you are done.



Fields in Red are required.
* Either Home Telephone or Office Telephone number required.