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Online Tax Payments

? For questions or assistance: Contact Us.

If you have any questions about your Borough of Fairview tax bill, you should contact the Borough of Fairview Tax Collector's Office by calling the borough main number at 201-943-3300, or by mail or in-person at 59 Anderson Avenue, Fairview, NJ 07022.

Borough of Fairview Tax Department office hours are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM on business days Monday through Friday.

All taxpayers in the Borough of Fairview may now pay their Third Quarter 2023 Real Estate taxes. The 3Q2023 tax payment Grace Period runs through 09/06/2023, after which unpaid 3Q2022 taxes will have a penalty assigned.  

Making your tax payment online is fast, easy, and safe. In just a few minutes, your transaction will be complete. You can choose to pay by a Bank Account ACH Payment (e-Check) or by a Credit Card Payment.

You can find your tax bill by entering the Block/Lot Number (and Qualification, if applicable) and the Last Name fields below. Click the "Continue" button to search for your bill. You will then be asked to enter additional information before your transaction is completed.

Search for and select the tax bill you wish to view.



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