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Mendham Township Goes Back to School

Release Date: August 29, 2020
A Message from Mayor Sarah Neibart

This coming week, our school buildings will officially reopen and welcome students for the first time since March. 

Luckily the state has provided our school community the flexibility it needs, and frankly deserves, to be able to make a reopening decision that works. Working with the Department of Education, the Mendham Township School District has implemented a school reopening plan that provides, to the best of our knowledge, the best balance of safety and academic success for students.

Earlier this week, the Department of Education reported that 745 school reopening plans were submitted to the state. This includes both public and private schools. 436 of the 745 reopening plans envision a hybrid model of both in-person and remote learning. 59 districts plan to reopen to all in-person learning, a current total of 180 plan to begin their school years in an all-remote fashion, and 11 plans contain some mix of all of the above. 

I am so grateful that our Superintendent, Principals, Board of Education, educators, parents, and stakeholders have worked together to come to the right decision for Mendham Township. This kind of partnership is what has made our school district among the very best in the entire country, and is how our students will continue to be supported in a school year that will open unlike any other before it.

For additional information on Mendham Township’s 2020 Reopening Plan, visit:


Sarah Neibart

Mayor, Mendham Township