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Mendham Township

Founded 1749

Mendham Township

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Mendham Township's Santa Tour

Release Date: December 18, 2020
Saturday, December 19

Routes for the EAST SIDE OF TOWN:
Route #1:
-Start: Woodland Road at East Main Street.
-Woodland Road to Twin Park 10:05
-Left onto Twin Park Drive
-Right onto Woodland Road
-Left onto Mount Pleasant Road 10:06
-Take Mount Pleasant to Standish Drive- loop around in cul-de-sac 10:10
-Left onto Mount Pleasant Road
-Left onto Schoolhouse Lane 10:13
-Right onto Wilrich Glen 10:15
-Left onto Old Orchard Road 10:17
-Right onto Washington Valley Road 10:20
-Right onto Hamilton Dr 10;22
-Left onto Dogwood Drive 10:25
-Left onto Tingley Road 10:10:28
-Right onto East Main Street 10:30
-Back in front of town hall in the vicinity of BEC #1 Headquarters 10:32
Begin Route #2 automatically
Route #2:
-Start: West Main at Cherry Lane
-West Main Street to Cold Hill Road 10:35
-Cold Hill Road to Mountainside Road 10:35
-Mountainside Road to Calais Road 10:38
-Calais Road to Parkwood Lane 10:41
-Loop in cul de sac at Parkwood Lane
-Right onto Calais Road
-Left onto Horizon Drive 10:43
-Horizon Drive to Mountainside
-Mountainside to Cold Hill
-Left onto Cold Hill
-Right onto Buddy Lane 10:48
-Loop in cul-de-sac
-Left onto Cold Hill
-Cold Hill to Shelton Road 10:50
-Left onto Shelton
-Shelton to Ballantine 10:51
-Right onto Ballantine
-Left back onto Cold Hill
-Cold Hill to Route 24 10:55
Return to firehouse via Route 24 and Cherry Lane for 15-minute break after #2
Route #3
-Start: Cherry Lane
-Cherry Lane to Colonial Road 11:20
-Left onto Route 24
-Right onto Corey Lane 11:22
-Corey Lane to Green Hills/Indian Hollow
-Left onto Green Hills Road 11:23
-Loop in cul-de-sac
-Left back onto Corey Lane
-Corey Lane to Tempe Wick Road 11:25
-Tempe Wick to Drakewick
-Right onto Walsingham Road 11:27
-Left onto Devonshire 11:28
-Devonshire to Cold Hill Road
-Right onto Cold Hill
-Right onto Route 24
-Route 24 to Governor’s Lane
-Right onto Governor’s Lane 11:28
-Take cul-de-sac at Olmstead Lane
-Right onto Route 24 then immediate left onto Brockden Drive 11:30
-Brockden Drive to the cul-de-sac
-Loop around in cul-de-sac
-Left onto Farm Drive 11:35
-Left onto Knollwood Trail West
-Left onto Deer Run 11:37
-Right onto Hilltop Circle East 11:38
-Right onto Hilltop Circle East
-Left onto Cherry Lane 11:40
-Return to firehouse- end of tour
Routes for the WEST SIDE OF TOWN:
Route #1:
-Start: Ralston Firehouse
-Left onto Route 24
-Right onto Nesbitt Drive 10:01
-Left onto Jane Terrace 10:02
-Right onto Valley View Drive 10:04
-Right onto Oak Knoll Road 10:05
-Right onto North Gate Road
-Take crossroads straight to Cedar Lane 10:08
-Right onto Roconan Drive 10:09
-Loop in the cul-de-sac
-Left onto Cedar Lane
-Left onto Burnet Road 10:11
-Burnet Road to Ironia Road 10:12
-Left onto Ironia Road
-Ironia Road to Animal Shelter Complex 10:13
-Loop Around in Shelter Complex
-Ironia Road to Roxiticus Extension
-Roxiticus Extension to Route 24
-Cross over 24 to Roxiticus and begin Route #2 10:20
Route #2:
-Start at Roxiticus Road 10:20
-Roxiticus Road to Hunters Glen 10:25
-Left onto Hunters Glen 10:27
-Carriage Hill Road both sides 10:32
-Back down Hunters Glen
-Right onto Roxiticus
-Left onto East Fox Chase Road 10:36
-Right onto Springcroft Road 10:37
-Right onto Winston Farm Lane 10:40
-Left onto Roxiticus Road
-Right onto Saddle Hill Road 10:41
-Loop in cul-de-sac
-Right onto Roxiticus Road
-Right onto Union Schoolhouse Road 10;43
-Left onto Mosle/Pleasant Valley Road 10:45
-Left onto Brookrace Drive 10:45
-Brookrace Drive to cul-de-sac 10:49
-Loop in cul-de-sac
-Right onto Pleasant Valley/Mosle Road (Brookside can go either way; end of route)
-Right onto Union Schoolhouse Road
-Right onto Roxiticus Road 11:01
-Left onto Route 24
-Return to Ralston Firehouse 11:05
*The times listed above are approximates, please expect some delays. 
**If you would like to park in a safe spot along the route, that is fine - but we ask that you avoid the main roads!