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Mendham Township

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Looking Towards the New Year

Release Date: December 31, 2020
A Message from Mayor Sarah Neibart

Since March, many of us have been anxiously awaiting 2021. 2020 will forever be marked by social distancing, hand sanitizer and masks… but also change, uncertainty, fear, loss, and all kinds of struggle. Despite all of the challenges that the world, our country, and community have endured, Mendham Township came together this year like never before. We supported each other through unprecedented times, and accomplished some truly remarkable things. 

We all know that tomorrow - January 1, 2021, our lives will not magically revert back to normal; however, as New Jersey moves through Phase 1 of its vaccination plan, many of us are given hope for an “end in sight”. Hope that is much needed as our families, community, and businesses are doing everything they can to survive. 

As we look towards the new year and await wide distribution of the vaccine across all populations, we cannot let our guard down. As you continue practicing social distancing, masking, and good hygiene, I urge you to take this time to reflect. We have gone through life-changing events this past year, but I cannot begin to express how amazing it has been to witness the generosity, creativity, and resilience displayed by our community members to encourage hope and keep the most vulnerable in our community safe. Our community has found ways to adapt to health guidelines and to safely continue programming and fun events that residents look forward to every year. This year, more than ever, I am so grateful and proud to be a part of the Mendham Township Community. 

Over the next few months, information regarding vaccine distribution will become widely available. We have posted some initial resources on NJ's COVID-19 Vaccination Program on the Mendham Township website. We are closely monitoring this situation and will continue to provide updates as they become available. 

Happy New Year, and Stay Safe.

Sarah Neibart

Mayor, Mendham Township