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COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Release Date: January 05, 2021


P.O. Box 520 Brookside, New Jersey 07926

(973) 543-4555 / fax (973) 543-6630


Dear Resident:

Many of you have questions regarding the COVID-19 immunization vaccine. When will it be available? Is it safe? Where can I obtain information? Where can I be vaccinated?

The County, Township Health Department and Township Board of Health have coordinated plans to provide immunization clinics for residents.

The distribution of the vaccine is based on a federal plan, which prioritizes specific groups such as healthcare workers and critical infrastructure employees. The second group include people with chronic medical conditions and seniors, followed by the general public.

Where can I find the latest information on vaccine safety, when vaccinations will become available, and other updates?  Residents are urged to routinely check the following sites:

Mendham Township – News and Announcements

NJ Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Website

The Morris County Division of Public Health

COVID-19 Vaccination Registration

Stay informed and continue preventive efforts including getting tested, wearing a mask, social distancing, good hand hygiene, not touching your eyes or face, and following cough and sneeze etiquette. Together we can keep Mendham Township a healthy community.