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Mendham Township

Founded 1749

Mendham Township

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Orlena Is Winding Down

Release Date: February 02, 2021
A Message from Mayor Sarah Neibart

Winter Storm Orlena has been gradually winding down this afternoon after it pummeled the Northeast. 

If you saw the state of our roads today, you would have had no idea that we had over 30 inches of snowfall over the last 48 hours. A special thanks should be given to the men of our Department of Public Works, who have been working on combating the storm since 4pm Sunday. Although, now, our roads are clear, as precipitation continues throughout the night and into tomorrow and temperatures drop, please exercise caution while driving throughout town.

Our Mendham Township Police Department, Fire Department, and First Aid Squad have been staged and ready to go since the storm began, and, during the storm, they were actively responding to emergency calls.  To ensure our first responders can respond adequately,  as you remove the snow from your driveways, please also remove snow and ice within a 3-foot perimeter of fire hydrants, and please shovel a pathway from the hydrant to the streets.  If possible, try to remove any ice that might be formed on the hydrant. 

Luckily, our town has not experienced any power outages, so generator-use was not an issue; however, there is still a risk of carbon monoxide build-up when snow or ice covers vents and blocks carbon monoxide from exiting your home. Also, please do not use gas stoves, kerosene heaters, or other open flame heat sources to keep warm. These sources of heat can also cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to build up in your home.

If you need assistance or someone to check on a community member, please email the Mendham Township OEM at: or call them at (973) 370-5905.

Please reserve calling 911 for emergency situations.

Stay safe and take care, 

Sarah Neibart

Mayor, Mendham Township