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Reflecting on 2021 & Looking Toward 2022 - Happy New Year, Mendham Township!

Release Date: December 31, 2021
A Message from Mayor Sarah Neibart

We entered 2021 full of uncertainty and hope. Cautiously anticipating the efficacy of vaccines and a deep yearning for  “precedented times”. As we reflect on this past year, and we transition to the next, New Jersey is dealing with a surge of COVID-19 cases.  In Morris County, as of yesterday, there were 7,299 newly reported cases of COVID-19 over the last seven days. The Morris County Department of Health reported this week that between December 23rd and December 30th, the number of new cases in NJ had increased by 55%. 

As we await for the peak of the new Omicron variant, it is clear, none of us are entering 2022 unscathed. 

These past two years have been incredibly challenging for everyone. Thankfully, our community has remained relatively healthy. However, we have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. Some individuals in our community are grieving the loss of a loved one, some have suffered major health setbacks, while others have lost their employment and livelihoods. It has been an incredibly trying time, which has caused many of us to question ourselves and our sense of direction. Although at times it seems like the world stood still, due to the strength and love of our tremendous community, Mendham Township was lucky enough to continue moving forward. 

This past year was the second year in a row that there was no tax increase in Mendham Township - we actually had a slight tax decrease. We have also made great strides in growing our topline and attracting new families to the Township. Our construction office has processed more building permits than ever before. Also, earlier this year, the Planning Board approved the Township’s new Master Plan, and months later the Planning Board and Township Committee approved applications and a rezoning request that, in my opinion, will lead to smart, limited growth in the Township for years to come.  

In addition to giving the green light on future projects - we were finally able to see some fruits of our labor!

On Monday, September 13th, the Historic Park at Pitney Farm was officially opened to the public! The park was built after years of planning and public input. A couple of weeks later, after over 30 years of efforts, the Township broke ground on its new Police Station, which is expected to be completed by Summer 2022. At that time, the Township will start the infrastructure improvements to the Town Hall Building and Library.  

As we look towards the new year,  I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to wholeheartedly thank Mendham Township’s professional staff and first responder organizations. 

I have learned over the last two years that the strength of one’s community is measured by those willing to serve with no expectation of anything in return. 

Since the first COVID-19 positive case in NJ on March 4, 2020, these individuals have been on the frontlines and have done everything in their power to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Mendham Township. Among many other contributions, these selfless people respond to emergency calls, help with vaccination and testing clinics, contribute to weekly Township update meetings, help to facilitate public and educational forums, create assistance programs, run countless holiday and birthday parades, and take part in many other special events to bring smiles to residents’ faces. They combine the best of professionalism and compassion and, over the last two years, are the glue that has kept us together.

It has been an incredible honor working alongside these individuals and serving as your Mayor these last two years. 

I have witnessed a sense of community from our residents and community members that surpassed any expectation I have ever had. Everyone in our community put aside their differences and focused on one thing — helping each other. It was truly extraordinary. 

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Take care, 

Sarah Neibart

Mayor, Mendham Township