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Welcome to Princeton's On-line Tax Office

We are pleased to offer the taxpayers a convenient on-line tax payment option that enables you to pay your property tax on-line by check. There is no processing fee, transaction fee or surcharge for this service.  This secure electronic payment method utilizes the U.S. banking system’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) technology for online check payments, where you will direct the ACH to electronically transfer your tax payment to our tax collection account.

You may also pay by credit card with an added convenience fee of 2.65% of the amount being charged (with a minimum fee of $3.00). This convenience fee goes directly to the credit card processing company and is not part of the taxes being paid to Princeton.

Please have your tax bill account number (or block and lot number) at hand to help the payment process proceed more quickly.

Enter Either your Account Number or the Property's Block & Lot # (and Qualification, if applicable) example: Bl- 00020.06 Lt-0087.0002 QL-C108 and the Owner's Last Name


To proceed in the process to make your on-line tax payment, simply click:


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