Township of Rockaway

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Water Payments

Please be advised that credit & debit card payments will not be accepted from 12/28/2023 through 1/1/2024 due to End of Year close out.

*** Please allow 24 hours or 1 business day for the system to update and reflect online payment submission.

*** Payments are submitted to the Township's bank the next business morning. Please allow 2-3 business days for the Township's and your bank to transfer the funds.

*** Confirmation numbers are generated and emailed upon submission of payment for processing. It is not a guarantee of successful payment. It takes the Township's and your bank 2-3 business days to communicate and process the transaction.

You can search for your bill by either Account No., or Street Address in the fields below. Click the "Search" button to to find all matches.

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Utility Account Information

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Please note: The suffix of your address (e.g. Street, Road, Avenue, etc.) may be abbreviated in our records. If you do not find your property try searching without it, or try different versions (e.g. St, Rd, Ave, etc.).


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