June 26, 2019
9:45 AM

Tax Payments  
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You can now pay your taxes online directly to the Borough of Sayreville. With our new online payment capability, your checking account will be electronically debited for the taxes due without third party surcharges or convenience fees. Please be advised we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards for credit card payments (subject to convenience fee up to 3%, or $3.00, whichever is greater). Payments received after 4:00pm will be processed the next banking business day. Payments will be processed when they are received and can not be held. Please be sure to have the proper amount available in your checking account when using this online payment method. We CANNOT process payments from any savings accounts.  

IMPORTANT: The online ACH electronic-check payment that you submit online to the municipality IS NOT processed by the bank at the time you submit it online to the municipality. It is up to you the taxpayer/utility customer (not the municipality) to make sure that your bank and checking account information is entered correctly and that you have sufficient funds in your account to successfully process the payment. If you enter incorrect bank or checking account information or have insufficient funds in the account at the time of payment processing, then you haven’t submitted a legitimate payment to the municipality.


Making your tax payment online is fast, easy, and safe. In just a few minutes, your transaction will be complete. You can choose to pay by a Checking Account ACH Payment (e-Check) or by a Credit Card Payment.
 STEP 1    Enter your information for the taxes currently being collected.
Enter Property's Block & Lot # (and Qualification, if applicable) and the Owner's Last Name.
 STEP 2    Review bill and choose to pay online.
The bill you selected will be presented onscreen for you to review. If any payments are currently due, you will have the option of paying it online.
 STEP 3    Choose Payment Method.
You can choose to pay by Checking Account ACH Payment (e-Check) or by Credit Card.
 STEP 4    Confirm the amount to pay and accept Terms & Conditions
At this step, you will be asked to confirm the amount to pay and accept the Terms & Conditions of this transaction.
 STEP 5    Enter contact and payment information
Enter the contact information for the person paying the bill, as well as payment information and any additional information.
 STEP 6    Confirm details
Confirm the information you provided in Step #4. This is your opportunity to go back and make any changes before submitting your payment.
 STEP 7    Digital receipt
Receive your confirmation number and digital receipt, print this page for your records.


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