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Electronic Payment Solutions

Cit-e-Net's Electronic Payment Solutions make it possible for you to accept on-line payments directly for almost any service or fee such as paying for property taxes, municipal utilities, parking tickets and permits as well as donations and fund drive contributions. Cit-e-Net's secure payment system also allows you to accept on-line payments for documents, such as police reports and bid/proposal requests.  With Cit-e-Net on-line payment solutions, you can  get the benefits of improved availability of funds, timely payments and reduce handling of checks and deposits. Cit-e-Net's Electronic Payments solutions are a Green Initiative product suite.

Property Tax and Utility Payments
Residents can pay their Tax and Utility Bills on-line at any time.
The payment method is fast and secure.
The municipality receives the full payment without incurring processing fees and there are no surcharges or convenience fees imposed on the payer unlike other 'convenience fee' payment systems that often discourage usage.
The municipality directly collects the payments and the process does not use a 'collection company'  or third party collector methodology.

Online Permits & Licenses
Cit-e-Net provides permitting and licensing applications that enable the secure processing of renewal and new requests, along with any associated payments, over the Internet. Our permit and license request system can accommodate a variety of formats as well as accept credit card, debit card and checking account payments online, delivering the full payment amount to the appropriate agency. Constituents gain a time-saving, convenient method of applying, renewing and paying for permits and licenses.

  • Cit-e-Net provides secure transmission of data directly to the local government.
  • Payment processing and administrative tasks are consolidated, reducing reconciliation and collection efforts.
  • Industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology ensures the privacy of constituents and security of their payments.

Payments for Documents & Services 
Constituents can request and pay for documents such as police reports or bid requests on-line, 24 hours a day.

Fee & Fine Payments
Collect registration fees for recreation programs, building department fees or for any other municipal department that collects fees or fines for services or infractions.

Donations & Fund Drive Contributions
You can canvas on-line to raise donations for Police, Fire, EMS/Ambulance or other municipal departments and organizations. Donation request forms can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Electronic Transactions are Environment Friendly

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