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Cat License Renewals


  • Somerville cat owners MUST get a new or renewed cat license during the month of June.

  • The license fee is $11.00 for neutered cats or $14.00 for non-neutered cats. A NEW LICENSE will only be issued with proof of rabies vaccination and neuter (if applicable).

  • RENEWAL of an existing license will ONLY require proof of new rabies vaccination if the rabies vaccination had expired during the previous license year. If you are renewing your cat’s license, you do NOT need to complete an application – your pet’s information is already in the licensing program.

  • A new rabies certificate and (if applicable) proof of neutering can be emailed to MARY ANN REH prior to an on-line payment. Mary Ann’s email is

  • If you renew a cat license after June 30 the late fees are $3.00 in July AND an additional $1.00 for each month thereafter.

  • There will be NO free rabies vaccination clinic in Somerville.

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Mary Ann Reh
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